Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ARG mateys!

Have I mentioned before that Eric likes to draw? Have I mentioned that Gwen likes stamps and Eric drawing on her is really the next best thing?
Here's our pirate now.
Giving her best ARG! Really we have to work on that...
The artist, showing off his work...I am hoping this doesn't come up again in 15 yrs when Gwen says she actually wants a tat.

Seriously, Gwen's a ham! I am not convinced that drawing on her with pen is a great idea, but Eric assures me it is ok.


Beth said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!! Who is the kid in this post - Eric or Gwen???? Cute pics!

Melanie said...

I should think I should say I am the mother of 3, most of the time! I have to keep reminding him he is the adult/parent...which is why the kids LOVE him! :)