Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, NATE!

Well, we knew it would happen, Nate would eventually turn 1! And that he did. I think that turning a year old is a momentous occasion, not always for the kid, but for the parent, it is hard work getting through the first year, there are huge milestones and things to deal with, where you are convinced that you will never make it through, but we did, and we went from this... too this: Here's a picture of him first thing this morning...look already happy! Excited to start the day. He is definitely the happiest baby that I have ever birthed...I know you think that is not saying much, but seriously, it is one thing that almost everyone comments on, how happy he is.
So how has Nate changed in the last year. Well, he's walking! And man you better watch out because when he makes up his mind to get you, well he is going to get you. Although it is quite funny, because I don't think his steering is up to par yet, I took a video of him today (that i will hopefully download tomorrow) that shows that he wanted to come to me, but just kind of turned and didn't know what to do!
I have learned that I can't just put him down now, I have to put him down near the toys, so he can have something in his hand to walk with, he doesn't like to be toyless.
Nate "talks" also. He jibbers and jabbers and cares on. He says "hi" alot. He really likes it when people say it back. He is doing some signing also. He really seems to like it when you try to talk to him or communicate with him and he does know what you are saying. I have had to start telling him no and he will now walk only took 1-2 days of positive reinforcement and much cheering!
You might be able to tell he now has 8 teeth, 4 top, 4 bottom. He LOVES to eat, and I am pretty sure he would eat all day. He is getting a little fussier about it, but he never really complains and he still prefers to eat himself, at this point I don't think he has any allergies. I also started him on a sippy cup of water. He is still nursing, several times a day. I am not convinced he is actually wants to nurse, I think he enjoys the quiet time with me, he often chats with me instead of eats.
I know, this is not of Nate, but I was trying to get a picture of all of us, and well, I am not so good with the self portrait.
Nate is sleeping pretty well, but our schedule is crazy right now with all these showings. He is sleeping from about 7p (ish) to 3:30 nursing and then waking up for the day between 6:30-7:30. Although I have been so busy with the moving stuff, I think I often sleep through when he actually wakes up because he just chats to himself when he wakes up (see previous paragraph on happy baby!...I mean toddler!) He naps 1-2 times a day depending on how often I can get them in.
He is in this very generous phase where he wants to feed me what he is eating. I remember the books talking about that, it is a sign of something I don't remember. I am more than willing to let him feed my because I think it is so sweet. Although really I wouldn't mind if he had a little less food in his mouth. Sometimes he does tease me and eat it himself, he gets a big kick out of that.
Nate adores his sister. I think he knows how to push her buttons and although I am not encouraging it, I definitely think it is something that he should do to her, because well frankly she has been taken advantage of by her for a while. He loves chasing after her and squeals with delight. I know the fighting phase will start soon, but I am definitely enjoying the adoration phase.
Now onto the cake slideshow. As expected Nate enjoyed the cake, dug right in, no questions asked. Several of my pictures wouldn't upload correctly, I don't know why. Also, I think the godfather got some good pictures. One day I will hopefully hit him up for those pictures.

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Beth said...

NO WAY - It could not have already been a year since baby Nate was born!!!!!