Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 1, Daddy gone :(

Since Eric is gone, I thought I would post some pictures from the day. I mean, it is only fair that he experience part of the day as it happens, right? Here is Gwen during Nate's nap time, playing with the caterpillar.
I have decided that we need to do some structure during this time, I think this is too much free time. I mean I think she need free play, but I also think that since it is not likely that she will be going to preschool next year she could use some structured learning. I mean I am not going to start homeschooling because frankly that wouldn't work. I mean today she told me a sheep says "moo". And half the time I ask her, her name she tells me she doesn't remember! Blast her!
I wanted to get the 2 of them together under the table, but that didn't work out. I apparently didn't mention it to Gwen first!
I guess this is better. But certainly not perfect.
Today I spent the evening staining the deck, I did a little this afternoon. I wanted Eric to see the color. See!
It doesn't really look that different, but I swear that it is and it looks pretty good, I think!


Beth said...

HAHA!! Have you guys moved?

Melanie said...

nope, still waiting for a renter!