Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The problem I have had with the last couple of months has been the routine is off. I don't like that not that I like routines, but what I have found with kids is everyone is happier if their is a routine. My current problem is that I have them napping too late so it has them going back to bed an hour later than I would like it.
This picture is from the other day...I was laying on the floor and Nate tripped over me and landed on his back, and just laid there for a long time...long enough for me to stare at him, turn on the camera and take his picture...and he was completely unphased by the whole thing.
Now we have "outside" time mid-day. I think this must be why Gwen has started to take afternoon naps again...I am wearing her out.
We have been going outside from 1 to 2-2:30ish (as long as we don't have errands to run).
Today we took out some toys and played out front so I could take care of some yard work Eric left for me.
Look, Gwen pushing her brother
she makes me far too nerous though because she has the ability to push up on it and get a wheel off the ground...
but at least I am not the one pushing him around!
Here is a video of Nate playing with the bike himself. You can tell he is torn, play with the bike or go get the chalk from my sister and the neighbor, chalk is something I am not supposed to have, but I like to put it in my mouth!
Nate and Gwen talking to the distracted by the neighbor girl...
The neighbor was trying to teach Gwen how to climb a tree...good luck! Gwen's strong suit is not climbing! I just missed the picture of Gwen swinging from the bottom limb. :( (Sorry watching Nate, what can I say!)

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