Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lessons learned

Over the last month or so I have had the opportunity to learn some things, some of these things I feel the need to jot down, so as to not forget them in the future, because I have so much going on, I could lose these valuable lessons at any time!
  • Sometimes when you are going through something VERY stressful it helps to ask what the lesson is that you are supposed to be learning, because then you might actually figure out what the lesson is.
  • Positive thoughts go aLONG way to making things happen. (I guess I should have listened to my Grandfather, Father and Ellen...I might start making a positive board! Sometimes it takes me a LONG time to learn a lesson.)
  • When buying stains, with children in tow, should probably remember more than just the color and what the can looks like.
  • Wood tone does not equal semi-permanent
  • When packing up the house, probably shouldn't pack up all your ratty t-shirts if you have to stain the deck
  • Keeping the house clean for "showings" is a pain, when you have 2 small children, your husband is out of town and it is often raining.
  • Children feel what you are feeling if you are stressed out, they act up and be crazy, so be aware and plan accordingly
  • It is a lot easier to keep the house clean when you don't have any furniture, but the toys, OMG the toys!
  • There is no amount of preparing that can prepare you for how much you have to do when you have to move with young children especially if you aren't sure when the move date is.
  • Sometimes the only thing that will get you through the stress is putting faith in what you believe in
  • Sometimes the only thing that will get you through the stress is friendship.
  • When you make a "yellow" cake with cake flour, it will not turn out yellow.
  • When you send your husband to NC with left over cake, and you are saving a piece for yourself, don't leave that piece out in the open where the kid (who never eats dinner) will see it, eat dinner and suggest we give cake to her brother the birthday boy, thus making you feel guilty that he got only 1 piece of his birthday cake and sharing your normal size birthday cake with your children.
  • Life with husband home for 6 months and then gone for week, makes for a long week, especially when you have to do everything on your own.
  • Husbands are awesome, when you find the right one!

ok then, all for now! Don't know if these lessons will help anyone else, but I hope someone can gleam something useful from this list.

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