Friday, June 19, 2009

the deck

A couple weeks ago we heard the ice cream man. Apparently this is a great big deal, if you could see how Eric ran out the house and down the street with Gwen, and you know what, they brought nothing for me! :(
But onto the rest of the post, as you can see we were taking stuff off the deck and putting in storage, and letting Nate play outside while Gwen ate her ice cream, he first decided to play with the hammer.
As usual he had to taste the hammer to see what it actual is.
Oh, just realized I was taking pictures...
Ew, what's that!
What's in there?
Eric just making sure Nate doesn't bonk his head.
I'm in!

Well, now what?
Now how do I get out?
Daddy let me back in!
Hi Mommy!
Maybe I should try this again, it was fun last time!
Well, maybe not...

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