Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. appt

Here are the vital stats:
Weight: 22lb 7oz (50%)
Height: 28.3/4in (25%)
How does this compare to his 9 months stats...that is a 1lb, 15oz. and 1/4in.
Today's Dr's appointment was rather hectic. It shouldn't have been, I was there early, they were apparently running late, which meant they ran too close to Nate's nap time. :( Also, they have the hardest time measuring his length. Everytime they measure his length 3-4 times, basically, at some point he shrunk...ok not really, but I suspect when they orignally measured him at the hospital it was wrong and since then they are having a problem getting him in the right percentage. The CRNP was talking about getting him back in, in a month to check him out, but we are moving, so I won't have to do that. Nate is hitting all his milestones and so I am not sure that he is having a problem weight/height wise. Some kids don't adhere to a chart! So, maybe when I start seeing a real Dr (or someone I actually like in NC), we can discuss such things, but measuring someone who doesn't stay still, is very subjective and since I had the issue with Gwen "not gaining enough" when she was a baby, which I think is attributed more to scale variablitly than actual true numbers I don't put much stock in the whole thing anymore. (But, that is just how I feel!)

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Beth said...

Glad he is doing well and I despise the "normal" charts - my opinion is as long as the is hitting appropriate milestones and appears healthy - give it a rest!