Thursday, June 25, 2009

The craziness that is everyday!

As I have mentioned before we are trying to move, this week it is not going well. (so if you are still reading this and you pray, please add us to your list!) I have several issues with this, my own personal way of dealing with things may not be the best...I get depressed, lose all hope and then come up with an idea and things are better. Granted this doesn't sound like a problem, but the process takes several days to play out. And during the intervening time I have children to take care of (but I don't feel like cooking/cleaning, etc) and packing to do and generally just want to be left alone, which is obviously not possible. The kids have been great, super "easy" to take care of, not too whiny not too cranky, and when I have stuff that has to get done, I can do it they will leave me alone (to run downstairs get a statement scan and send off to the people). Sure, it is not all "peaches and cream" around here, but we are having a relatively good time I think, and I am no longer considering "fight or flight" scenarios. Of course, maybe now would be a good time to start a letter writing campaign to the corporations who make you jump through hoops and then leave you hanging. I have 2 that I would like to send blazing letters to...of course do companies really care about customer service anymore, I don't feel like the customer is always right, is what they promote anymore!
But onto my kids, 'cause that is what you are here to see. These are from the last 2 days, can you believe it, current pictures! I know! This first picture I think is super cute of Nate. It is getting harder and harder to get pictures of him, he wants to be right in my eye when he sees the camera. I get this look alot, doesn't he just look sinister, but so cute! I feel like this picture is fairly typical, Gwen running around in circles, Nate playing with a toy.
This one is also fairly typical, Nate, distracted by the toy he sees, forgets about the toy in his hand.
We needed a musical interlude, apparently.
Back to the corn popper, or as Gwen calls it the "vacuum".
Trying to turn the popper around.
He's got it worked out!
See, more running.
This is Nate's new game, well Gwens also. Putting something on the head and he smiles and giggles and walks around with it.
Gwen is putting on "sunblock", I know, they are stickers, she was kind enough to put some on me also. We had to walk around like this. She decided today that she would use stickers instead of sunblock. I did get her to put sunblock on her before we went for our afternoon "constitutional" to the "big old playground."
Nate still playing with the cake topper...actually this was after our walk, and nap. I think the kids are really enjoying the plasticware that I haven't packed yet.
Hi Nate!
He is so much fun right now, he blows kisses, gives kisses, and is always so happy, he is trying to be the death of me and I am looking forward to moving somewhere with a lot less stairs! He also loves to say "hi" and we are teaching him new syllables, which he will repeat incessantly.

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Beth said...

I cannot believe how big Nate is getting! I know Gwen is getting big too - but there is such a change in Nate!

Hang in there - we're praying and thinking about you guys!!!!