Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy or lazy

We are continuing on with life with a preschooler. Wow, this whole new schedule is reeking havoc on our lives. If we could just get the kids to sleep you know when they are tired and wake up when we need them to. Sure they are cute when they sleep...
I thought I should update you on the kids. Nate is quite the talker, a motor mouth really. People ask me all the time, how old is he and when I say 2, they comment on how well he talks. He is stubborn and will full. He is smart sure, but he can only point with his fingers and count to 5 on his hands...he can't hold up his thumbs. I keep trying to do the song "where is thumpkin?" He can't do it! He can count and he sings a lot, I have started to take him to story time at the library, he gets very excited and wants to go all the time. He still loves to read books and loves to do puzzles. He is good at it. He is still terribly stubborn about food and eating. Maybe he'll come around, one day, planning meals is very frustrating. He is still a sweet cuddler, which I am happy sign of losing the blue eyes and blond hair yet.
Gwen, what to say about Gwen. My sweet girl. We had a play date at the park with most of the kids from her class. She was SO excited! I didn't tell her that we were going until she got into the car. She was so cute, her "best friend" (she doesn't use the term yet, but she only talks about Lana) was there first and she was happy to see her (it has only been about 15 minutes) they squealed and clasped hands and Gwen said "Mommy, this is my friend Lana, Lana this is my Mom". It was so sweet, until I realized she wasn't going to introduce her other friend. When I would have to come into the playground she would introduce me to all her friends, so excitedly. You'd think they wouldn't have just left school and spent hours together. It is so funny. She seems to love school, although everything that happens at school is a "secret" and she won't really tell us anything. She has started singing a lot of songs. And her Spanish, just atrocious. I am a little embarrassed. But she is learning and has brought some stuff home that she's done at school. I just hope to learn what she is actually doing there!
I have taken over a group from the Church that was going to fizzle, with another Mother. We had our first meeting the other night, so I have been busy with that. We also have to do service hours for the school, I have been trying to figure all that out. It should be interesting because you are not supposed to bring siblings. I am also training to do another ministry for the Church this weekend. So I suspect my time is no longer my own. The husband is still going to school/work and working on getting his thesis started. We are still adjusting to life here as best we gardening experiment is almost over. I have learned a lot and am already starting to plan my garden for next year. I have been having a problem with my plants it has been so hot here. I thought fall was upon us, we were able to turn off the air at night, but now hot again. I have 2 eggplants growing and we have lots of sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. Eric is about tired of cucumbers, I guess I will only plant 1 next year instead of 3!

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