Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Can you see me now, 4yr old edition

As we watch Gwen grow you begin to appreciate how kids learn things, you know like the peak-a-boo and hiding under a blanket means no one can see you. We have gotten to a new level with Gwen. She LOVES to play hide-and-seek...ask my Mom! The only problem is that she doesn't really get it yet. She tells you what number to count to, where to hide and usually giggles or yells when she is hiding so you can find her. Always in very obvious spots. I am sure she will learn how to really play hide and seek, oh it is fun. She honestly asked my Mom to play every hour of every day she was here, my Mom might now say, wow that was fun, but I think at the time she was a little overwhelmed. Nate doesn't really participate. Gwen has also learned to hide under stuff and she thinks it is great fun. While Mom was here Gwen decided to hide, we had to pretend we didn't know where she was...Mom might have gotten a little carried away with her shoes...
After 10, ok maybe 2minutes wandering around pretending to look for Gwen, I think Mom's figured it out, she's so smart!
Some thing's in there!
HI! Grandma!
Gosh, don't you wish you could visit and play with us!

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