Friday, September 24, 2010

The trouble

I have this child, he is a cute, cuddler and possibly a sponge (I don't think he misses anything and he learns quickly!) Sadly this keeps me on my toes. My cousin tells me she likes hearing of his antics and I know she needs a cheerful antic story (HI CUZ!). So this is the story of the cute, cuddly, troublemaker. As you can see he like to climb and loves the look of the dryer, it is apparently his height now.
He climbs away when his Mom calls to him.
He pulls stuff down from my dresser and then plays with stuff he pulls down.
You've been caught, little man!
Ok, so this isn't so much him doing anything bad, he really wanted to cut his own hair...fortunately he couldn't and sadly it made his hair cut take longer.
He's gotten taller which is a problem.Ok, so maybe he's not that much taller...If he can't get to something, he'll stand on anything to get what he wants to get.
And he will drag something to where ever he needs to get whatever it is he fancies. Seriously not enough spaces in this house to hide stuff from him.
The problem with the advanced troublemaker is his age, he is too young and he definitely embraces the trouble part of personality when he doesn't take a nap. He needs to keep moving so he won't fall asleep. Sadly today he didn't get a nap. Which means that he was all over the place and when I stepped into the bedroom to take a phone call, he got into real trouble. He went into the refrigerator got out the chocolate syrup and he and Gwen were trying to get out all the chocolate syrup. I did not get a picture, but maybe you can envision 2 kids with chocolate syrup all around their mouths and a chocolate puddle on the table and chair, maybe on the floor. I should have known when I heard nothing coming from the other room, maybe a giggle...

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