Friday, September 03, 2010

Library fun!

Our library had a summer reading program. We participated in the reading program. For the adults you had to read 4 books, for the kids 0-10 you had to read 15minutes a day. We read to the kids all the time, so that is no problem. I also participated and did 4 books in short order. Eric on the other hand picked a really long book to read as #2 at 10 days until the end of the program he realized that he still had 3 books to read and picked some short stories and plays to finish out his list. And you know what, that turkey won a prize! A $25 gift certificate! I might be still angry, but he took me to the movies for free, so I guess I benefited also. At the beginning of the summer reading program, the kick-off, the library had a big event. We went and had a good time, they had all kinds of free stuff for the kids, a bouncy house and games and books. The only problem was that it was super hot and the lines were long, so we left. We decided to go back for the ending. This is time we decided to go early and the library had done a much better job, a lot of the stuff you had to stand in line for was inside! We got their early enough and the kids decided they wanted balloons from the balloon lady, and man was she skilled. Nate picked a frog and Gwen a flower. They also decided to get their faces painted. Which was a huge step for both! I had forgotten my camera, but I snapped some pictures when we got home! Enjoy!
Nate is wearing a hat that Gwen made, they had the hats there and fabric markers...Nate made one also, but just did like 1 or 2 swipes of the marker and went on with his day.
His frog, he can also wear it as a mask.
The kids went through the inflated slip-n-slide type thing and ran his face painting. I was so impressed how still he sat (relatively!)
Gwen and the of course!

One day last week or so Nate refused to nap and when Eric got him out and found him like this, frog on his head! That boy!

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