Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Gardening and keepin' out the riff-raff

The neighbor had a gardener who was nice enough come over and give me advice about keeping out the deer and whatever else had been eating my tomatoes and stuff. He said human hair and pee. Well, sometimes for fun we let the kids pee in the yard, around the garden...where are cool like that. Fortunately for us we have no neighbors behind us and the people on the one side hardly ever venture outside. The neighbor on the other side knows of the peeing suggestion and also is blocked from seeing most of our backyard. So one evening last month, this happened!
No pooping, just peeing. I swear he would have been out there for like hours. This is why I think he is not ready for potty training. Sure he can pee at will, but I don't think he knows how to control it yet, like he just pees, doesn't hold it and pees all at once.
I have one picture of him holding his shirt up in all his glory, but Eric made me promise not to post that one.
We did actually put his pants back on and let him play, as you can see here.

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