Friday, September 03, 2010

My 2 kids

I often consider the difference between my two kids and their temperement. I have started to think of them as I-can-do-it and I-can't-hear-you. Can you guess which is which? I think the difference and temperment of the kids can be told in this story.
I have been trying to get the kids to eat better so I have been making the kids eat some kind of fruit and then they can get a snack. Gwen gets it and I often find her eating fruit. Nate, still difficult about it. The other day I told he had to finish his grapes, he had 4 left. Nate refused and cried and cried about it. He was crying so much I couldn't hear Eric's phone call, so I went into the other room to finish our conversation. I hear Gwen call from the other room and come running. Nate had pulled a chair up into the pantry and was trying to help himself in the pantry. He reached an open bag of lentils and spilled it all over the floor. UGH! He made a huge mess, all in the pantry. I was about to clean it up when Gwen asked to clean it up. I thought sure, handed her the dustpan and little broom. And she THANKED me for letting her clean up Nate's mess. She cleaned the whole thing up! I helped her clear some of the boxes of cereal and stuff so she could get all the lentils up. She did a great job and thanked me several times. It was so nice after hearing all the complaining and moaning from her brother.
Now granted this won't always be the case. But the differences between 4 and 2 are great. And the differences between my boy and girl are also great.

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