Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A joke

We have been working on having the children sit and eat dinner with us. It is a struggle to get them to sit still for a long time. But, sitting down together for a meal is very important to me. These days we are often having breakfast at the same time as each other, well 3 of the 4 of us, and sometimes Eric and I will also sit together. We are also working on eating dinner to get dessert, but that will likely be a struggle for a long time. Nate will usually sit with us for about 5 minutes before he's off, unless it is pizza or enchilladas. Tonight was a more quiet evening, Nate was playing quietly, and Gwen sat and made conversation with us. Told us a little about her day and then broke out with her first joke...(that she had heard earlier on PBS kids)

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

because he wasn't peeling well.

Eric thought it was hilarious and laughed. So then she said
Why did the ban ap cherry go to the doctor?
because he was getting squeezed.

Eric and I both laughed, it was so random and spontaneous. This broke down into her trying to think of different fruits and some random punch line that didn't make sense trying to get us to laugh. It was so cute and funny. I then tried to cut her off (after the 15th joke) because it was getting old and said Daddy she's learned new songs and broke out with Johnny Appleseed...which is an old prayer we used to sing in Girl Scouts when we wanted it to rain and it always worked (sadly it has not worked here, I've tried it.) So then she started praying the prayers they must say at school, she made us close our eyes and busted out this prayer that they must encourage at the beginning of the day. She started out Thanking God for her friends and her teachers and then said Thank you that I don't have to wear my backpack to school today...We could not help it we laughed again. I think the random stuff we hear from her taken out of context is so funny and I can only imagine what goes on in a school room full of 4 year olds who have almost manage the full meaning of the English language, but not quite...I don't wonder why during our orientation the teacher said "If you only believe half of what they say to you we'll only believe half of what she tells us". Dinner was a lovely meal and it is a small glimpse of the random fun I hope to have at the dinner table as our family grows into more understanding of conversation...hopefully by then they will appreciate my dinners or at least eat it!

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