Tuesday, February 10, 2009

31 months

We have been spending the last month adjusting to life with Daddy home and just when we get settled in, we get a snow/ice storm or he leaves for the weekend. Gwen adores having Eric around all the time, but this has an added benefit, I am no longer chop liver around here. I am starting to get equal billing as a parent. I don't know if I like that or not. Gwen used to want Eric to do everything for her, but now, she asks for me to do stuff for her also. I don't know if that is apart of her getting older, or she is used to him be around and likes her quality time with me also. I would have to say, it is an interesting change, most of the time nice.
The biggest advance this month has been the elimination of diapers! Not entirely, but during the day Gwen has finally decided to tell us when she has to pee on the potty. It has been great, we have not done any night/nap training and we are not pooping on the potty, but really, I am not all that worried about that. The not pooping thing only gets on my nerves when she is tired but uses that time to use her diaper instead of nap. It has been about 3 weeks now and she had 1 accident in all that time. I think the accident was actually kind of funny...we were outside playing because it was like 50 outside and she said to me something like, "do we have a potty outside?" I said no, before I realized what the real thought there was and she peed on herself. But, she hasn't done it since, so here's hoping those accidents are few and far between! But, as I have said before, when Gwen decides she is ready to do something she just does it, no real problems no convincing, she just does it, but I don't know how to encourage her in a way that makes her think it was her idea. I think that is the only thing I am lacking for her!
Gwen is still somewhat of an attention hog with us, she loves us to take her picture and she loves taking pictures herself. Most of the pictures are not good, but I guess they do convey what she sees.
I think she has had a growth spurt and she has starting eating foods, like foods that we eat. Dinner time is not the battle it used to be, granted she is still rather difficult about it, not in a knock-down drag out kind of a way, mostly in either she eats it or she doesn't. But, she has started to try and eat stuff, the other night we went out to eat and the terrible waitress brought out a grilled cheese sandwich instead of chicken, we took it, because the terrible waitress wasn't really admitting to her mistake or really willing to do anything about it, I thought, well, lets see what she does, and she ate it!!!! Can you believe it? I certainly couldn't. I would thank the terrible waitress, but frankly she was the kind of waitress that made me want to leave her a note instead of a tip...I guess that is why I am not the one who pays the bills!
This month has also brought out Gwen actually climbing out of her crib for the first time. It is a little disconcerting to open up the door to her room and see her standing there...it took me a minute to realize that yes I did put her in her crib, and this was abnormal! She hasn't done it since, but it has brought up the debate should we convert her crib to the bed or not. We haven't changed it, I think it is up for more discussion!
To me, Gwen's speech is really clear, and she says the craziest things. She certainly keeps us entertained and it makes you wonder why you don't just have a video camera or a voice recorder on all the time to get some of the hilarious stuff she says.
I am beginning to wonder about her social skills though...I still think she might be a little bit of a snob, she definitely has her friends that she wants to hang with and I feel like I should probably keep a better eye on her to make sure she learns to be nice to everyone! I wonder if she likes to only have 1 friend at a time and that one friend should be someone that she can boss around a bit.
She is still very loving to Nate and cracks me up because she'll yell "SMILE, NATE" and "look at me". We still have to work on the sharing of the toys and whatnot, but I am sure that is a battle we will have for the next 15 or so years, maybe longer, who knows.

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