Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I love football, have I mentioned that? Unfortunately I don't get to watch it anymore...2 kids and a husband, equals not much time for watching football on Sat & Sun. Especially since I don't really like for the kids to watch TV. But, I made an exception for the superbowl, we invited over the godfather and girlfriend. We had a menu, yummy! And the godfather and girlfriend were in charge of bagel pizzas...they had Gwen help

Gwen is getting to be more helpful in the kitchen, as you could see. Not to be left out, I took a picture of Nate.

As you can see, he doesn't really care if I take his picture or if he is involved at all, he just wanted to make sure we didn't leave him, he'd check on us and then go back to chewing.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the Superbowl and pretty much all the ads. I know I saw most of the last quarter, but I felt a little discombobulated and I know it was apparently the best part of the game, but I didn't feel invested, because I missed like the whole thing, I really didn't have time to decide who I wanted to root for.

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