Wednesday, February 11, 2009

8 months

I can hardly believe Nate is on this side of a year, he is such a big boy and growing so fast. He wants absolutely nothing to do with his exersaucer or jumper, those things are too confining! He wants to move where he wants when he wants. He is still a happy little man and we enjoy having someone who laughs and smiles so easily. Nate is definitely more social then Gwen he likes to watch people and smile at them. He also is saying Mama and Nana and Dadada. I don't know if these are words yet or just practice sounds, but he definitely knows that I am Mamamama. He also knows his name, I guess he has known that for quite some time, but I haven't mentioned it before. He will look if you say Nate. Nate seems to be super flexible and I am debating whether I should sign him up for some kind of gymnastics or something when he gets a little older. I mean obviously he needs to walk first, and while I am on the subject, he is definitely starting to pull up and loves to "walk" around. It makes him so happy, but so does getting to what he wants by crawling. We have pulled out the "walking"/standing toys because it won't be long now before he can use them on his own!
We still have no progress on the eating solid foods. I am doing the same food everyday for 10 days (or until I run out of that flavor whatever comes first). I think he just doesn't really like the idea of this food thing yet, or he just doesn't like the pureed food thing yet. I have been giving him a lot of puffs, so he can practice feeding himself and chewing. I hope that the reason he is not fond of this food thing is he just wants to feed himself!
Nate is definitely in to things that Gwen was never into, I don't know if that is a product of being the second child or being a boy or a combination of the 2. He can spot a cord from a mile away, and he loves to eat things that he shouldn't. We definitely spend more time wondering where he is than we ever had to do with Gwen. Nate has also recently discovered peekaboo...he loves it and loves to play it. He also loves the feeling of the wind in his hair. Oh, and as you can tell, eyes...still blue!
We think/are hoping that he is getting his top 2 teeth in...he kept me up the other night while he cried. I finally got him calmed down and back to sleep after 2 hours, but that is certainly not the norm around here. But that morning he woke up with a runny nose and you can see the teeth under the gums. I just hope that we don't have another night like that around here for a while! No fun for Mommy!

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