Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thursday was a banner day around here, I swear everytime I think about it I wonder how much could happen in just one day! I guess I will start with Wed, we've been having a problem with the washer so Wed I finally called someone and they fixed the washer, some baby socks had gotten sucked into the pump, along with a penny, 2 screws, lint and a dress shirt collar straightener thingy, do you know what I am talking about? Seriously, I am now putting all socks in a mesh bag! Wed night washer worked like a dream I ran 2 load of laundry. Thursday on my way to class and maybe before when I started load #3 Eric calls and says I need to call that guy again, the washer is leaking, he calls me back about 5 minutes later and says the guy never put the drain hose back in the drain...or if he did, he didn't put it all the way in 'cause it shook loose!!!! See hole in ceiling, because you know our washer is conveniently located on the 3rd floor! I don't know if you can see the holes we pooked into the ceiling to let the water drip out, we collected I think 3 gallons of water, that doesn't even include the water that soaked into the drywall.

So now we have this! We called the guy and he was all like, I put it back in...fortuanately he talked to Eric. We should probably do something, like make him take care of it, but he tore up the check, so score, free washer repair, and as long as Eric doesn't have to go back to the HD we are saving $25!
If that was the only thing that happened Thurs, it would have been enough, but it is not. Gwen took that opportunity to poop on the potty and has done that again, so I am hoping that is a trend that will continue! Today we went to DC and she had no accidents! Nate also started standing and "cruising" on Thursday, but you saw that in yesterday's post. So, I guess tomorrow we will be hanging drywall, I didn't want it to be wet at all when we put up the drywall, so tomorrow is the day!

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