Friday, February 20, 2009

Standing tall

Our little man is moving on again,I took these pictures yesterday! He is at the next developmental stage, pulling up/standing, I think he might even be cruising, not well, only a couple of steps. But that is a LOT faster than I expected. He is a man on the move that is for sure!
Here you can watch him in his standing up. Eric took a video, I think, sometime I will find and post!

This is how I was greeted this morning! Such a happy little man. I guess it is a good thing we moved the crib down when we did, you'd think we were seasoned pros...hahahaha!

We had a lot go on around here yesterday, maybe later I will compose a post about that, but Eric is putting Gwen down for her nap, so I am going to start binding my quilt and maybe I will be able to post those pictures soon!

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Amy said...

Wow....He's progressing fast! He's going to be walking by 10 months!