Saturday, February 28, 2009


As I have mentioned before, like a month ago we went to visit Edie or as Gwen called her "my new Grandma Edie"...I guess it has been too long since we visited her is the first time she met Nate. We finally made it up there the last weekend in Jan...and it was a lovely visit. Edie got Gwen a couple of books that Gwen enjoyed listening to Edie read to her.

Nate enjoyed hanging out with Edie also. He is so easy going though, we didn't expect much different from him. Edie did mention Nate's blue eyes and she wondered where they came from and I thought, well if you don't know, how are we to know? I mean we know that I have blue eyed Grandparents, but we haven't heard of any of Eric's family having blue eyes, but then again, we really haven't asked, so I guess that is a mystery we will never solve, of course if they change to brown, it will be a moot point!

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Amy said...

Great pictures....Cute outfits! :o)