Monday, March 02, 2009


When Gwen wanted to start walking I purchased walkers, to help her along. We have pulled them out for Nate. This picture was taken almost month ago. He now pulls up on that it and plays with the rolly parts and laughs. He also chews on it, because really, is there anything he doesn't chew on? I am thinking even though he just got his front 2 teeth in, (one today, one last Thursday!!!) he will still probably chew on everything in sight!
Gwen not to be out done, tries to use the walker all the time! I am still working on her sharing techniques. She always tells me that "baby Nate doesn't want it", when she ripped it out of his hands, Nate as of yet doesn't care, but it annoys me that she says, "he does not want it", I am trying to explain to her she means she does not want Nate to have it. Maybe by the time she is 25 will we get her to understand.

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