Wednesday, March 11, 2009

9 Months

So, the little man is 9 months! Can you believe it? By now I should have been able to lose all my baby weight, because this is how long it was for me to put on. Oh, yeah, this is not about me, this post is about NATE! How is Nate doing? He is getting to be such a big guy. He is trying to learn how to walk, he is at the point where he is into everything and he is trying to get to everything and he can move, super fast, crawling wise. He can stand there for a couple seconds at a time, but he is not really aware he is doing it.
We are still struggling with food, he seems to want to eat what he can put in his mouth himself, which with his dexterity being what it is, is rather limited. I am struggling to find "finger foods" for him to try. I have completely given up on baby food, "solids" as they were, it is just too much of a fight and as I already have fights with his sister, I just can't handle any more. He enjoys dinner time, as long as he has plenty of food to eat.
Nate is an independent little man, he entertains himself playing with toys for short periods of time. He definitely knows what he wants to play with and he will go after it again and again. For example, he LOVES cords, seriously loves them, doesn't understand no, or maybe he is like Gwen and pretends he doesn't understand. Every morning we have to take up his monitor off the floor or he will eat it, the cord the antenna, he loves it all. But, he does love the door stopper, it makes noise!
Nate is rather talkative, he isn't really saying anything but "na-na", "da-da" and "ma-ma". He says 'mamamama' a lot when he starts to get hungry. But, dadadad he has been saying alot, and trying to say Daddy or Dad. So cute.
Nate also is working on getting the top 2 teeth in, it has been a rough road, but I am hoping that we won't have to rehash this experience every time he gets top teeth in, the top teeth caused havoc. He was getting up 2 times a night and just generally unhappy. Which is unusual for our happy go lucky little man.
In the sleep arena, Nate is not taking 2 naps. I think he should, he doesn't agree, so I have started putting him down at 6 instead of 7. Every once in awhile Nate sleeps through the night, but it is not all that common. He has been waking up at 7, which is lovely now that there is a time change since now he wakes up at 8! Wohoo! He is now only waking up one time, which is a random time, so I suspect it is because of hunger, so I am not willing to let him cry it out, if it was everyday at the same time, then I would start to consider it.
He is still a happy, sweet little man. He is smiley and trouble at the same time. He is one to watch that is for sure.
We go to the Dr on Thursday to get his vital stats. Oh, he still has the blue eyes and we are just noticing a ton of blond hair. I don't know when it came in, but it just seems like all of sudden his hair came in!


Beth said...

Great post - wow 9 months!!!!

Love the last pic - cutie!!!

Melanie said...

Thanks! In the last picture, he's trying to get me...I was trying to get pictures of him climbing up, but it really didn't translate like I hoped. :(