Tuesday, March 10, 2009

31 months

Today Gwen turned 31 months, this number really has no significant milestones as far as I am aware, but it has been quite the busy month for us. I would imagine I should have actually titled this, "I do it", we are definitely in the phase where Gwen thinks she can do everything for herself. I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to give Gwen the impression that she is doing it herself.
Gwen is also doing so well on the potty, she hasn't had any accidents, I am hoping that will continue. She seems to have an iron bladder though and she still isn't always clear on when her belly hurts she needs to go to the potty, but she has made great strides and I am so proud of her, and thankful we don't have the huge expense of diapers.
Gwen is really starting to talk to people. She just chats and chats. It is sometimes hard to understand what she is talking about unless you have spent the day with us, because she often repeats parts of conversations that Eric and I have had. I do wonder if I am the only one that understands a word she says, or more importantly what she is talking about. If it wasn't before, now is definitely the time to watch what we say, becuase she definitely mimics us...you should see her feeding her babies!
Very recently she has started pretending that she is someone else. She will only let us call her "baby Bear" and won't respond if we say "Gwen". She'll say, "no I'm baby bear!" It is rather funny to hear Eric talking to baby bear about what is going on today. The other day she was a train!
Gwen has finally started to eat more foods, now she eats grilled cheese sandwhiches and pasta! WOHOO!! We are not completely out of the woods yet, because most days she will not eat dinner at all, but I have hope that slowly we will continue to add more foods to her diet and I will not have to plan so much more diners based on what I think she will try!
The unfortunate side effect of Eric being home is that Gwen has quit taking naps. This is TERRIBLE, mostly because she still desperately needs the nap, and there is nothing worse than an overtired 2 year old, ok maybe there is, but it makes for more time outs and general unpleasantness! The only nice perk is she goes to bed a lot earlier, as a matter of fact, I would have her in bed by 7p, if I was in charge, but sadly, I am not. Since the weather has gotten warmer we have been able to go outside, here is Gwen playing with her doll, the same way the big kids are playing, of course they had just fallen on the floor when I took the picture, but it is cute picture of Gwen spinning her doll. She spends a lot of time singing and dancing and exercising. Hopefully those habits will continue, becuase it is too cute to watch her and listen to her do all of those things.

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She is soooo cute!!!!