Sunday, March 08, 2009

Backlogged singles

I feel like this is what life has been like lately, but I don't think it has. I don't even know what was going on in this picture, Gwen appears to be upset by something and Nate clearly is irritated...why do I feel like I am correcting Gwen for something she did to him?
In a perfect world, this is how Nate would be all the time, something to chew on hanging out of his mouth. The boy LOVES to put stuff in his mouth and it is funny to watch him, he will look at something on the carpet and if he can't pick it up with his fingers he will just put his face down on the ground to try to get it up.
Not to be outdone by Nate...
Have I mentioned we love to play in forts? No, well we do!
Nate LOVES this toy he loves to stand at it, and I am hoping soon he will start boxing Gwen out, she seems to push him out of the way.
Eric thought this was hilarious, she was walking around in his slippers with her "diaper bag" getting ready to go to the store, or wherever she thought she and her "baby" should go.Nate tackling Gwen.

I went to get Nate out of his crib after his nap and he had no pants on! How did he do that, I don't know, I would say this is an isolated incident, but it has happened again! Seriously, how did he do that?
So, I think that is almost all of the pictures I have backlogged that are in the folder to upload, but I still haven't downloaded the pictures off the camera and but I probably have more that I can upload, one day, hopefully soon I will post more pictures, and I guess one day I should look at the videos we have to upload. Man am I behind these days!

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