Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The "new" bed...

So I messed up, I had originally published Nate's 9 month thing yesterday, when it is Gwen who had a monthly birthday. So, I changed the publishing date so that for posterity's sake it is on the correct day. (this means if you want to read and see pictures of Gwen you missed, you will have to scroll down).
Eric decided it was time to change Gwen to the toddler bed function of her crib. I have been against it, mostly because I knew we were going to lose naps...Eric said we lost naps anyway, so what the heck. For some reason he was super excited to change her crib to a bed, so the first of March he took down the 4th rail of her crib and that was that!
The next day we took Gwen to the store to pick out her new bed set...there are definite limitations to the toddler bed sets, mostly characters and I still wonder why they don't just sell the damn flat sheet separately, I mean, seriously, that is all most people need, you buy this crib set that has a comforter and crib sheet, and wouldn't it be nice to actually use them later, I mean most cribs are now convertible to the toddler bed, it just doesn't make sense to me! I guess I should start my own business.
I am slightly surprised this is the set she picked out, when we were looking online she wanted the Thomas set, which really wouldn't have been bad, because maybe we could have used that for Nate later. She kept telling me that both sets were "CUTE". Which is so hilarious to hear her describe comforter sets as cute and so pretty!
We have really not had any problems with the transition, I think Gwen has been so exhausted from the lack of nap that she just conks out! The nice thing is though, in the morning, she wakes up and just plays in her room in the morning,instead of screaming. She can't actually get out of her room, we put safety handles things on her door because I had some random fear that she would lock herself into a room and then I couldn't get her out for a long time.
The funny thing is she REFUSES to be in the same room as her pillow at bedtime or naptime, we have to take it out of the room, she hates it and she doesn't actually sleep under the covers, as far as we can tell. The first couple of nights we would check on her and she would be sleeping on top of the comforter. One morning I went to get her she was actually under the covers.
I think that is what Eric was most excited about, Gwen sleeping under the covers, I don't know why, but he has always been a proponent of the blanket/covers for her room, but I don't think Gwen really cares. They requested I take the following picture, I don't really know why, but they did!

I guess now though, we can put Gwen in a regular bed to sleep when we go places and don't have to fool with 2 pack and plays...can I say AWESOME! I think that will be the best perk, you know if we ever went anywhere...

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