Saturday, March 21, 2009

An update

It has been a pretty busy week, ok couple of weeks around here. I say that and it is not anything that I can say gosh we did this and this and this, but we've just been crazy. Eric has gotten the whole in our ceiling patched up, it doesn't look great, yet, but I told him he had to pack it up because I have lived in the dust bed of drywall for a week or 2 and his Mom arrives today. She was supposed to be here at about 4:30 and we were all going down to pick her up, but then I guess there were problems with the plane so she is arriving at 7:45. She has the worst luck, Eric spoke to her and she apparently was ready to fly back home and cancel the whole thing, but I guess they boarded before she could get on the plane back. Gwen is definitely 2.5!!! She is about to be put into a home for cranky, whiny kids. This no nap thing, is not working out. She is also not doing well with the sharing with Nate, I see this as a road that is going to be long and will likely yield many time outs. As we expected, as Nate got more active this would be a problem. So, if you know, you want to borrow a 2.5year old, give us a call, we might be able to work something out.
I mean she is cute, and sweet most of the time, but she just is getting on our last nerve, which hopefully as we shake out where we are going to be in the next couple of months we will have more patience and she won't get on our nerves. Nate is still cute and sweet and cuddly, but he recently is going through something, I can't describe what it is, he seems to be going through the Mommy phase, but it is not like a typical like he freaks out when others hold him. I don't know if something is bothering him, because he is not sleeping well. This bothers me because his sleep interrupted means my sleep interrupted, which makes Mommy unhappy. :(
So, we have some decisions to make, like we have 2 schools to decide between, we have 1 favorite, but we have decided to take a road trip to the 2 schools, and that will likely involve an RV, anyone want to join us? Ok, so maybe no one wants to, I am not sure I do, but I guess it is better than driving my car or flying/hotels and rental cars.
In others news, I am irritated to report that in cleaning I found 3 more t-shirts for my high school quilt that I already completed!!! Man, that's irritating. Eric says I should add it to my college shirt quilt, but I don't think that would work out.
I guess I should also report that Nate is standing for long periods of time, relatively speaking, maybe a minute max. Gwen also has also figured out stacking toys, it takes her a while, but she can get the cups back in order after trial and error, and she has the patience to try to get the cups back in order even if it takes her several minutes.
Oh, so I must say, it might be a while before I update again. I guess I will eventually, after we figure out where we will be next.

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Beth said...

Hope you guys have a great trip!!!

I love that pic of the kids standing against the railing - too cute and look how big Nate is getting?!?!?