Thursday, March 05, 2009


I mentioned that a while ago we went to DC on Sat. It was a fun day for all, exhausting, but fun. Eric apparently felt the need for me to get my step count up. It turned out to be a rather warm day, you know, for Feb. Here is my camera shy daughter...HA! I am going to say moody, not always wanting to get her picture taken.We decided after much trepidation to bring an umbrella stroller and the backpack, Gwen is going through a stroller phase, so it worked out nicely, Nate didn't fuss at all about being in the backpack, plus I wore a backpack with "supplies". Gwen at this point (right after we got off the metro) decided to push the stroller.
As you can see the stroller wasn't empty.
We spotted this carousel and Gwen wanted to go on, the last one she rode on she wasn't so happy about, but this one had a blue rope that I could put around her and hold onto so she felt a little more secure?
We went to the Natural History Museum.
Nate, doesn't he already look done for the day?
Gwen took this picture for you.
My girl and I posing on the steps to the Lincoln Memorial.
Look! She walked! More than we expected, Eric kept asking her if she wanted to ride, and I said, look we are in no hurry, let her walk, she'll tell you when she's tired...and she did!
Look! It's Air Force 1! (ok we don't know that for sure, but the side said United States of America, of course it was flying solo, so we don't think it was the president, but we took a picture anyway).
Look! Eric in line for food at FDR's memorial.
Eric and Nate in Jefferson's Memorial. So, the thing about taking the stroller is we saw more of the monuments then I have ever seen before, who knew they had elevators and gift shops? I didn't! The other nice thing about the umbrella stroller was when Gwen decided to walk it could easily be carried.
We saw these 2 helicopters followed by a 3rd helicopter and we are more convinced that 1 of these helicopters was carrying the president, there certainly was a lot of helicopter traffic that day...I have no idea what was going on, maybe one day I will start watching or reading the news!
Nate, finally conked out on the way to the metro.
And he continued to sleep for a while. He did eventually wake up, sadly, 'cause he was the cutest little sleeper in there.
So, it was a very productive Monument/Memorial day for us, we saw the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and hit the Natural History Museum! All in one where we tired!

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