Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Have I mentioned lately that trying to get in 10,000 steps a day is really cutting into my time to get stuff done? Last week was crazy we had 3 snow days around here and I got nothing done...nothing, at all. I would like to get stuff done, really I would. But this Eric being home thing and figuring out schedules and what not is really confusing our life! Ok, maybe just my life. On some level it is very convenient to have Eric home, I can run to the store at any time with any amount of children we deam necessary. But, what I seem to have lost is my me time, that short amount of time during the day when both kids are sleeping where I do a chore and rest, I seem to be rambling about the house unable to sit down because I am only at 4000 steps and it is 2! But, we are in week 3, only 3.5 more weeks to go, hopefully I will be able to be productive again soon.
We are gearing up for 3 weekends of Eric being gone in the next 6 weeks. Fortunately it is not every weekend, but this weekend he will be gone and then we have 2 weeks together and then 2 weeks apart, can everyone remember that? It appears that Gwen is up for her nap and Eric is not going to get her, since she is screaming, I better go see what is going on!

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