Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Nate videos

I have uploaded more Nate videos. This one just makes me laugh, he probably would have done this all night, but it was bath time.

With this video, I was hoping Nate would show you how he is trying to learn how to creepy crawl, but instead he sped for me, you can see how fast he is!

This video shows how he can crawl and then get himself back to sitting, or as I like to tell Eric why we moved the crib down, I was afraid, with his ability to get himself to the sitting position he could get some leverage and fall out, he is starting to pull up on things, or as I like to call it the end of life as I know it! Thank goodness Eric is home so I can actually get stuff done and don't have to keep an eye on Nate every second.
I really think it is the craziest thing to see him in the sitting position like that and makes me wonder if I should start him in gymnastics when he can walk, he already knows how to do the splits!
Today we have the third day in a row without class! Schools are at least delayed so the kids will actually be able to go to school...seriously though, I don't know when they have the time to learn since I am pretty sure they don't spend much time in school around here!


Amy said...

I enjoyed the videos....Especially the creepy crawly one....Is that 'Funky Cold Medina' playing the in the background or is that just me? :o)

Amy said...

Nope...after listening again I don't think it's that song...but it's killing me because I can't figure out what song it is....haha....

Amy said...

Oh oh oh.....Is it 'Hot Blooded'? :o) I need to get a life....haha