Tuesday, January 13, 2009

30 months=2.5!

This weekend Gwen turned 2 and a HALF! I would have to say that the addition of the talking and the mimicking has been a hilarious addition to our household. I know she has been talking for a while, but her mimicking and language skills have added some fun to our lives. Not that our lives weren't fun before, but I read that around this time the half way point in a year kids tend to be overly emotional and having a hard time controlling themselves and have a lot of temper tantrums. Gwen, at this point doesn't have the throwing herself on the floor banging her hands and feet, but I think for me what Gwen is doing is worse. I can't say that for sure, because she hasn't done that, but man can she whine, and cry for nothing, and it would drive me to drink, if I didn't have to nurse Nate. Probably a good thing!
Man can she be charming though, she knows what she wants and she will do as much as she can to get it. I have to maintain strong willpower (and can't drink!) or she will sucker me into something. It is amazing how intelligent she is and how she can try to work us over to get what she wants.
She still adore Nate and doesn't seem to have too much jealousy of Nate. We still have to worry about her taking toys and whatnot, but this morning while they were in the stroller for class we caught them holding hands, so cute!
Gwen has also done some new physical developments that have happened recently. Gwen can now jump with both feet and can pedal a bike. I can't say for sure when these developments have happened but she can do this now, she likes to jump out of the car and she has taken a tricycle out for a ride at Target and pedaled it around.
I am sure there is more to say, but I feel like Eric is sitting next to me waiting to use the computer, plus I have some quilting to do...more on that later!

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Beth said...

Isn't she cute and her hair is getting long!!!!! Happy 2 1/2 birthday!!