Monday, January 12, 2009

7 months

Nate turned 7 months this weekend. I guess I should go back and look at the differences between what happened at 5 months and now. Eric was away this weekend, and Nate hasn't been super happy, so today it is hard to say what is causing that. I am wondering if we are working on more teeth. Nate has those 2 little bottom teeth, I say little, but they are quite deadly. It makes checking his mouth for more teeth rather difficult. We think that is causing the irritation, but who knows. He still puts everything in his mouth and he has a love for paper that can't be satiated! It is to the point that I don't like reading books that are paper because he will tear the pages and try to eat it. Nate has started making more expressions than just smiling and sad. He has started to scrunch up his nose and smile real big, after he sniffs twice. Now you would think with the sniffing warning I would be able to get a picture, well, you would be wrong. The little man is evasive with that cute new expression.
I am going to say that Nate is now mobile. He can get all over the place if he wants to, he is rather awkward still, but he is doing the inchworm type crawl and then he is using a straight leg technique. And he can do the splits, he can then get himself back into a seated position, it doesn't happen very often and it makes me feel like he has to be super uncomfortable, I mean he doesn't seem to mind, but it hurts me to watch it happen. He also rolls around and gets under stuff and gets frustrated, he is not super fast yet, which I am grateful for, I can still get to stuff faster than he can! In the above picture he had moved himself around in the sitting position (see where he was in the below picture.) He then sat for awhile facing the chair and then got himself on the floor and was irritated when I moved the chair!
Nate is also very chatty and flirty. He is starting to get a little of the separation anxiety, but not all the time. If he is not tired or hungry, he doesn't care, but he certainly doesn't want to be left alone in a room. He gets irritated about that pretty much all the time. Nate will smile at anyone who looks at him, but he is starting to make you work for it; he won't just smile right back at you he wants you to talk to him and then he will smile at you, but he will make you work just as hard for the second smile.
He has started to notice himself in mirrors, so hilarious and if he is cranky, it works well to distract him!
Oh, and as you can tell, eyes: still blue!

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