Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Yesterday and today we had snow days, today should probably be considered an ice day. I am beginning to wonder if the kids around here are will ever go back to school. But here are some pictures from yesterday's fun festivities. Here Gwen and I are hiding.
Here they are after a fall, I missed the beforehand pictures, sorry about that!
Here Gwen and Daddy are going for a walk/ride.
Nate smiling at me.
Nate looking up at the snow.
Nate's first snow angel
Walking down to the store!
Sledding down the hill!
More sledding.
The end of the run...I don't think you can see how much Gwen enjoyed that from that angle, but she did enjoy it!
After Gwen's nap we went back out, Gwen loved it, I dragged her all over on that thing she squealed with delight! We went down to the tot lot and she went on the slide and with the snow and her snow suit combination she was going really fast. She came down landed in the snow...she loved that and she will tell you about how she went bam! As I was dragging her up the hill she also fell off the sled thing and she couldn't have been more delighted about that either. Nothing like a little snow to make falling all better and happy!

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Amy said...

Fun! You rearranged your living room....I like it :o)