Sunday, January 04, 2009


I have mentioned before that Nate, like his sister seems to be not fond of the eating thing. And, frankly, being a seasoned Mom of 2...hahaha, I don't feel the need to push it. I mean, yes we give Nate food, but I don't stress about it, if we don't get to it, oh well. We seem to have found something he likes, avocado! Gwen was not pleased with it, and I haven't experimented if it is that I just set him up in the high chair and let him do it by himself, or if he likes avocado. But I can tell you that I gave him some peas on a spoon, not so happy with that. This also brings up another point, I don't have to cook up the avocado, but the other foods are nasty...I mean steamed and pureed. This does make me wonder if he will like regular foods, just doesn't like bland 1 food puree.

This was on the 30th, the day before Eric's last day, which meant he had to stay late. I took Nate to get him ready for bed and Gwen was allowed to hang out. When I came back to the kitchen this is what I found...
She had crawled up in there and gotten a gogurt opened, I don't know how. I had forgotten that she had taken that out of the fridge earlier. At least she had buckled herself in, safety first.

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