Friday, January 02, 2009

Decorating cookies

The Saturday before Christmas we finally found the time to decorate cookies. The godfather came over and Terry was here, so it was a big party...ok not a big party, but it certainly didn't take long!
Here is Eric demonstrating cookie making technique.

This is the only cookie Gwen "made" of course, she spent the rest of the night licking the icing off, until someone got her a spoon. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that...I really have been missing the good pictures lately. Don't know why.

After she ate the icing, she was a little hyped up and rode on her horse with her helmet. But she was just plain silly!

The finished products, it really doesn't look like much, and it wasn't but man did my Eric complain...seriously, he is going to be really happy when our kids get older and we have other kids to the house to decorate. I think it is fun and so did the godfather!
Oh, Nate slept through the whole thing! Here is a video of Gwen hyped up on sugar, that is what the godfather is watching, Gwen in the video.

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