Monday, December 29, 2008

A visit

One of my roommates from college was in the area the week before Christmas and so we drove about half way between and met in Annapolis. It was great to see her and her husband and their 5 kids. Last time I saw them they had 3 kids. Our last 2 kids are the same age. We had a lunch that lasted entirely too long and then we took the kids to the mall to play for a little while before we headed home. We took these pictures at the play area.

Being that it is Annapolis, there was a water theme. I about had a heart attack when I saw Gwen come down this thing head first!
She loves slides, but she has never done laying down head first, on her belly, this was a pretty steep slide, with a huge drop off, but she seemed to end up ok, I think she only did it once!

It is so funny seeing some one from college, so random and so great. Julie and Trung had flown in from WA and were stuck in an airport for 14 hrs the day before and they still met us. I had a great time and wish they lived closer, Julie and I have much the same views on child rearing and religion and whatnot, so it is nice to talk to someone who is as "crazy" as I am. At the same time it is great to see that her oldest children with the same upbringing I strive for our nice, pleasant children. I know that I am pretty different from most of my newer friends in what I do. It is also really nice to talk to someone who has more a sense of your history and you don't have to go into stuff, they just know. Sometimes I forget the "work" that goes into new friendships, since I am so lazy about being a friend, oh I'm there when you need me, but I don't always call and chat, but that doesn't mean I don't care!

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Beth said...

Sounds like a great visit and making new friends is hard and is never the same as those "old" friends who do know your history and where you come from....I'm sure Gwen and Nate are very pleasant and well-mannered children!!!!