Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh Chemistry, oh Chemistry!

So it appears Gwen can't say Christmas tree, she says Chemistry, I think it is really cute. But, she is starting to get a little obsessed. When we come home from class, one of the neighbors has little Chemistries by their door and Gwen starts in with the "where is my Chemistry?" I say "it is downstairs in the basement, Daddy has to get it out for you!" (Like how I pass the buck?) In my family we don't usually set up the Christmas tree until mid Dec since we don't take it down until Ephipany and I have stuck to that tradition last year, but the kid is wearing me down! I am thinking we could put up our little Chemistry in her room but I don't know, we'll see how crazy she drives me this afternoon.


Beth said...

haha - our tree has been up for almost 3 weeks now!!! Of course - I was planning a head a bit with the new baby and all!

Good luck with the Chemistries!!

Beth said...

I meant to add that we have a Christmas CD in my truck that is a Little People's sing along thing and Little Drummer Boy is on there and Bella calls it "Rubberband" - because of the rum pum pum pum...too cute!