Monday, December 22, 2008

Helping to decorate

I am finally getting to posting these pictures, I think they were taken 2 weeks ago, maybe more. But, as I have mentioned, I have been busy and I probably wouldn't even get to this now, except Grandmom is reading stories to Gwen and Nate is napping. I suspect he will wake up before I finish this post, but you know, I have got to try and get this done!
Ok, so I was right, Nate woke up, couldn't finish the post. So, here we go again! Gwen helping us with the tree cover, you know because it looks like a cape!
The snow globe, my goodness she loves that thing...but I guess who doesn't like a snow globe...besides Det. Lassie.
Showing Rudolph the snow globe.
Gwen really was excited to decorate for Christmas, she loved the idea of the "Chemistry". She was so excited when Eric was putting up the tree she pulled over her chair to help him! So cute!A couple days later I had her "help" me with the decorations...I would show you those pictures, but she is naked and I feel weird about that, but since she doesn't quite know how to do it yet, they all ended up on the floor, which I guess is better than all at the same height or on the same branch?
Nate, watching us decorate!
Gwen got super excited about the stockings, as you can see.

So, that is our Christmas decorating, in pictures, but not all the pictures.

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