Friday, December 12, 2008

Dr. appt

Here are the vital stats:
Weight: 18lb 14oz (75%)
Height: 27.5in (75%-90%)
How does this compare to his 4 months stats...that is a 1lb, 1oz. and 1.25in.
The CRNP seemed a little concerned that he was a little low on his growth chart for weight, but thought that might have something to do with his illness. He had gained an ounce since Tues, so she figured he is still growing. I am not as fond of the CRNP, but we made it through this appt ok. He is doing everything he is supposed to be doing and he doesn't seem any worse for the wear with his illness. Probably wouldn't have even noticed he was sick, until he started coughing. When the nurse came in to give him his shots she commented on how red his throat was, the CRNP never even mentioned it.
Soon I hope to update with the 6month newsletter, but maybe not today, we'll see how naps go. I have gotten some good work done on the house and I feel like I haven't really sat down during naps all week, so I might just do that today while they are napping!

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