Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The quilt

I have started a project I have been thinking about and saving tshirts for 15 years. When Eric said I could get myself something for Christmas, I went ahead and got a Memory Quilt kit. I am in the throes of it now. I have cut out 16 tshirts.
Nate has been my sidekick.

I know, the pictures of Nate are a little excessive, but isn't he the cutest? How could I not post each of these pictures?
Ok, back to my quilt. After I cut out the tshirts, I had to attach a stabilizer to the back of the shirts. I was told that I should probably attach the stabilizer first, but the stabilizer was pre-cut for me so I would have had to figure out the lining from the back and then attach and seemed to complex, so I did it the way the directions specified. I also have never used the fusi-interfacing and it didn't really have directions. I think the directions should have some more information because I had to look it up on the internet because I didn't know there was a front or a back to the stabilizer. Let me tell you it is hard to peel that stuff off the back of the ironing board.
See how excited Eric is to see that pile of shirts go...he has moved those tshirts at least 3 times.
Here is the proposed layout, I think this is the "order" of the tshirt. I want the shirts to be in order by year. I am missing a couple of tshirts, but this is the max I can have for the design.
So, now onto the sewing! Hopefully, I will get them straight and everything will look nice. And then I can move onto my tshirts from college, without paying for the kit!


Beth said...

That's awesome!! Are you saving some of the kids' clothes to make them quilts?!?!?

Melanie said...

no, although the quilt kid for the kids clothes is considerably cheaper...I am not that attached to any of their clothes to keep them.