Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The silver surfer aka Natezilla!

The other night on FB I mentioned to someone, who shall remain nameless (HI, you know who you are!) that I was going to put up some pictures of Nate, I said in a couple days and she proceeded to harass me when she didn't see them up that night! Seriously, I know she was only teasing, but I guess it worked, because here I am uploading the pictures of Nate, my 8 month old child, who pulls up and is trying to stand! 8months, people, God help me! I mean if he wasn't so kiss-ably cute and cuddly, we would have to talk about giving him to the gypsies. I realize that with Nate we or rather Eric has never told him that we were going to drive to WV and give him to the gypsies like he used to do with Gwen. Huh!
Here is Nate doing his best surfing impression.
My Mother says that I used to sit with both my legs behind me, unlike Nate, we are wondering if he will do the same. She said it used to freak people out, I can only imagine, because Nate like that and doing the splits really freaks people out.
As you can see he is kind of losing his balance here, in his Natezilla-oh crap he might fall on you stance
Oh, regains his balance and is super happy about it!

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Amy said...

What a cutie! He does look like a surfer! :o) So happy! :o)