Sunday, February 04, 2007

I passed

Apparently there is nothing too terrible in my background that will prevent me from working, was anybody else nervous about that? Here are some more pictures. This first one is from Friday, I had given Gwen a break from eating since she has been sick, but we are back to eating. Gwen was also kind enough to pass her cold to me, she is suck a generous child. I do have to say with a cold or not it is still easy to get her to smile. Still as cute as ever, even if a little snotty.
Pictures from today. Gwen has always been a stander, but she has been standing and balancing herself more and more. Will she be pulling up soon, who knows?
More naked baby photos. Getting ready for her bath.
So excited for the bath.

We LOVE our bath.

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Amy said...

That's impressive that you can stand her up and have her hold onto things by herself! Brian doesn't like to put much weight on his legs yet.....