Friday, July 11, 2008

1 month

Today our little man is one month old! He is certainly a little man with personality! (I am not one of those who believes that their is nothing going in the newborn's mind, that thought and personality doesn't develop until much later). Nathan spends most of his time in the sling, for my sanity! He is much quieter and less fussy and I am much less crazy than I would be. This is why we don't have many pictures...this picture shows one of his favorite sleep positions. I am holding the camera above my head otherwise the picture would be very blurry. Nathan will sleep in cribs/pack-n-plays what have you if Eric puts him down, but if I put him down he wakes up. This is a curious development that often involves discussion and much frustration (for me!) Eric says that my technique is wrong, I dawdle and he often gives me a demonstration that keeps me laughing, which helps! That is something we will have to work on, I try to put him down at least once a day, in a crib, but it takes a while to get him back to sleep, so I have to be in the correct frame of mind to do that for sure! But, despite that Nate does sleep enough for me to get relatively enough sleep. During Nate's few awake hours we do tummy time. Nate seems to be not mind tummy time, he only takes it for so long! But, seeing this picture, reminds me, Eric and I have a running joke that Nathan is not his because he doesn't know of any blue eyes in his family, but we don't know if his eyes will change, as you can see they are dark blue and still have time to change, Gwen's eyes though had changed by this time. I do wonder if I am going to have a blue eyed blond and a brown eyed brown haired child, it certainly is fun to speculate!

Nathan reminds me of a pterodactyl, he has this cry/squeal that sounds like he is a pterodactyl! He makes a lot of squeaks, burps, and grunts! I am happy to say he is a lot easier to burp now, he often burps himself, thank goodness, he is a lot happier.
Nate's appearance has improved, he is not so wrinkly, but he does have the baby acne. His "stork bites" on his eyes are improving/disappearing, the one on his neck is not lightening yet.
Overall I have to say Nathan is a much better newborn than Gwen, I don't know if it is because we are more experienced or he has a better temperament or if he is going to be a worse toddler and is lulling us into a false sense of security! ;p

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