Wednesday, July 23, 2008

more pictures

It is a weird and wonderful evening around here.
Two kids in cribs (by 8:30): check!
Parents finish movie they have been watching for 3 nights: check!
I had to take this picture of Gwen, she is finally getting the point of hiding. She used to "hide" and you'd say "Where's Gwen?" she would look up and start talking. This time when you start the bath she immediately runs and hides and she doesn't say anything either.

We had a couple things for Nate that we had with Gwen. I put this on Nate as you can see he has the same reaction to it as Gwen (except Nate takes it a step further and poops on the outfit every time). So have I mentioned that Nate is so large, this is the last time he will wear this outfit! 0-3 and he is already too large at 6 weeks! (And if you must know Nate shares his birthday with Vince Lombardi...and Joe Montana and other famous people, but they weren't football legends.)
Look at my sleeping guy...he seems to be doing that a lot lately, I am certainly not complaining.

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