Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Who's bright idea was it to send my husband out of town with a newly 2 yr old and a newly 4 week old! Do you think I will be insane before Friday? Eric will be back late Thurs. We made it through the first day, I only had about a 20 minute breakdown...no one was injured. I would imagine though, if I survive the next 2 days this will be the end of my "maternity leave" from house work and such. Maybe this was the plan!? Time for me to go to bed though, the next 2 days are going to be long, so I am going to need my sleep.

Oh, so if you see random rambling posts or crazed posts, you know why, you have been forewarned!


Beth said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! I'll be thinking about you..

Liesa said...

Whew - that's a tall order! John had a weeklong training session when we had Bo last summer. He was 5 weeks old. We're thinking of you!!

Maddie makes 4 said...

Did you make it?