Saturday, July 12, 2008


These are my favorite pictures from Gwen's birthday. Eric took about 40 pictures of her opening presents. One day I might get around to posting some of those. This might be my favorite picture of Gwen ever taken! (Eric looks nice also) See how excited she about her ugly, but yummy cake...good thing she is 2 and doesn't care what her food looks like!
I turned my back for a second to get the cake cutter and the Erics just let her dig right in, what does she think it is only her cake! I don't think so!
Sugar high withdraw/too much excitement/I'm ready to be put to bed!
All in all Gwen seemed to have a great birthday, at least she told us she did. We had some friends from our exercise group over to play, she enjoyed that, and she really got into opening her presents. She seems to love them all.


Jason said...

Ruby had her 1st B-day on Saturday! How about that? Is Gwen's really on the 12th?

Melanie said...

So you have a daugther now? How exciting! Does that mean the other rumor that you live near DC is true?