Thursday, July 24, 2008

Patience and attention

Sometimes it amazing how smart toddlers are, specifically Gwen! She knows exactly what to do to get attention. Since Nate has been born Gwen has been finding ways to get attention, if she is not getting enough. She started with having a desire to "pee-pee potty"; now don't get excited, she doesn't actually pee-pee, she just sits there, maybe, sometimes she doesn't even sit there. I had been debating with this enthusiasm if it would be a good idea if I should start potty training her. I have decided against it for now, because I don't have the required patience at this time. But, she received some Hello Kitty panties for her birthday and she found them. I told her that when she started using the potty she could wear that underwear. She ran into the bathroom demanding that we should take off her night outfit, sat on the potty for maybe 5 minutes and then this is what she did next!

She tried to put on all 3 pairs before she figured out which was worth the effort...I had to give her a little help, because she still puts both legs through one side.

I think she misunderstood me! But, I obliged and put a diaper on under her panties (they hadn't been washed yet) and promptly hid them after they had been laundered, until I develop the patience that is required to potty train. I certainly don't have any patience with Gwen now...have I mentioned she is getting in her 2 yr molars and I hope that is what is making her whiny and cranky! If that is not it, I don't know what I am going to do! Looking over those photos again makes me think of 2 things, first...that I need to remember to make sure when I am potty training her that she needs to not leave the bathroom without her underpants fully covering her butt! and second that these pictures will probably resurface at a very bad time for her. If they do, I would just like to go on the record as saying, if you weren't so whiny, Mommy would probably feel guilty about posting these pictures!


Maddie makes 4 said...

She is such a doll! Cant wait to see you guys in a few weeks :)

Tatiana said...

She looks like she is concentrating so hard on how to put them is really a hard task!:)