Friday, July 18, 2008

The zoo

and I don't mean my house...I mean the DC zoo. With everything that has been going on around here recently, that I haven't posted about Eric decided it was time to get out of town. I decided that required a little more planning than could be had then deciding at 9am on Sat, so we compromised and went to the zoo. We had a pretty good time, everyone was well behaved and we saw some animals and we even remembered the camera! It was hot though and about half way through we realized that we were tired and the zoo is free so why not try again sometime later when we bring a stroller. Maybe that time we will buy a map. Here are Eric and Gwen at the entrance
Looking at the animals.

This was at the bird house.
I have determined that Eric cannot take a good picture of me...he told me it is because I am not photogenic (he was kidding, BTW, because he has taken at least 1 good photo). I say I must of smiled at least at one point.
This is the reason I get stopped by strange women:
Apparently there is some fear that Nathan's head will fall out or that I am not aware that it is like that. I assure you that I am aware and both Gwen and Nate preferred this position. I should also remind the strange women that he has been sleeping head down for 9 months, doesn't really seem strange to me that he would still want to sleep this way!
The best part of the trip for Gwen was riding the choo-choo train...AKA the metro. To get to the zoo you have to ride out from the center of the earth!


Beth said...

Very cute!!! That is hilarious about Nathan - I might be alarmed if I saw a baby sleeping like that - but you're right, he's been head down for 9 months!! I love the slings!!!!

Tatiana said...

I am glad she likes the choo-choo! But what an awful shirt Eric has on!!!