Friday, July 18, 2008

We made it

Thanks for all your thoughts! Only a few minor bumps and bruises and 1 major crying incident that involved throwing up and one incindent that made me question my sanity! But Gwen eventually stopped throwing up and Nathan eventually stopped crying and went to sleep so we are all enjoying a hot day in MD (Daddy's back at work) outside at our "Waterpark". Who knew that Gwen could make herself puke? Ok, so I knew that when she gets upset she will throw up, but I had no idea that she could continue to make herself puke when she was upset. Surprisingly, Nate was calm through all that, it was Wed. night when he was worked up into a tizzy. Everytime he tried to sleep Wed evening he was disturbed, so he was NOT a happy camper. But, we survived, and we will probably not tell about it, but we could.

1 comment:

Beth said...

YAY!!! Well, yay that you made it, not that Gwen can make herself throw up!

Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!