Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I am organizing pictures of my babes and I thought maybe I would post some of them. These are pictures of Nate and Gwen, by themselves. I still have a bunch of pictures from a several weeks ago that I have not posted, but I hope to get around to it soon. I daresay, I wonder how I took so many pictures of Gwen when she was Nathan's age, they all seem to be the same picture. But, I am still take pictures, ok so not as many as when Gwen was a baby. These were taken on the 23rd, can you see how long Nate is? He is wearing a 3-6mon onesie, he is so long he has grown out of his 0-3mon sleepers, and newborn clothes, those he was out of 2 or more weeks ago. I feel like I am putting away clothes faster than I am doing laundry.

This is Eric's most proud purchase (not Gwen, the shirt!) from when he was in WI several weeks ago. He makes Gwen wear it as a nightgown and you can see she doesn't mind it either.

Of course by posting these pictures, I might have alienated my entire family, but I think most of them have a sense of humor and might one day forgive us!

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Beth said...

Too cute - both of them! He is getting so big so fast, it seems!!! I think that it a cute shirt Gwen is wearing!!!!